The nights are drawing in and will be drawing in a lot faster when the clocks change at the end of this month.  Our thoughts will turn inward, to the indoors, twinkly lights and warm spaces, hot soup after a chilly, damp walk - time to get cozy and eat comfort food. 

And before we know it Christmas will be looming on the horizon, like it or not, it's coming your way.  Here at Folk House Café we are rather partial to Christmas, fond of a bit of tinsel and spiced wine, a hearty meal with friends and colleagues, festive music and the throwing away of cares for a night be-bopping to Wham while wearing a cracker crown.

Party like it's 1961 !

Party like it's 1961 !

If you are like us and fancy a knees up this December, maybe just lunch for two with Christmas crackers, candles and mulled wine or the full monty for 180 , give us a call - you can have lots of food or no food, we have a splendid bar, smiling staff who will wear elves' hats if that's what pleases you,  you can bring your own music or listen to our play lists - all you need to bring is some Christmas spirit!

Our menu (below) runs in the café throughout December so you can also just come along and get festive without any effort at all!

Call Alina on 0117 908 5035 for more information and to book your do.

folkhouse christmas menu 2017.jpg